Pricing – What does video cost

Just like any product or service, there’s a huge range of prices.

This applies to physical products: one car can be 100 times the price of another, one tennis racket can be 100 times the price of another.

With video, the the range can vary between DIY + iMovie, and hundreds of thousands.

The cost is made up of a variety of factors, including:

  • The creative process – ideas and scripts
  • Equipment costs – not just cameras but lights, cranes, sliders
  • Actors
  • Labour / shooting costs
  • Editing / post production
  • Location costs and travel

There’s a brilliant TV Commercial that was filmed on an iPhone 5s and some inexpensive lenses ( Was it cheap to make? I doubt it. From a hardware point of view, maybe. It would still have run into tens of thousands of dollars.

The purpose of this page is to give you an idea of what we might charge for a range of things… so you can see if it’s worth talking to us. In essence, to get the money question out of the way early on.

Some things and what they might cost…

A series of frequently asked questions (FAQ) shot at your premises, with you as the talent (variation depends on quantity, and the amount of post production needed to incorporate other images / text / video) $3000-6000
A company overview video – mixed footage, voiceover, several shoots and b-roll $6000 – 30000
A company overview video – mixed footage, voiceover, several shoots and b-roll $6000 – 30000
Event filming – 2 cameras, plus feed from speaker’s slides captured, including staff and footage edited live from $3000 per day
AV and filming for events – PA, Mixing desk, radio mics for speakers and audience, operator plus filming from $5000 per day
Video resume – 1-2 ‘piece to camera’ shoots, including scripting assistance and editing from $1000
Editing video from your footage around $100 per hour of editing time.


Typically, we can listen to what you need and come up with something to suit. We have a number of things we can play around with to fit into a budget (keeping in mind that the quality will change).